How to choose Top Hosting Provider and Domain Registrar

Do I need Linux or Windows hosting?

You can create large websites both in Linux as well as Windows hosting. But Linux hosting has some advantages over Windows hosting and most people prefer Linux hosting.

  1. Linux servers are most stable than Windows
  2. Linux servers are cost effective since Linux is open source. Several applications such as MySQL, PHP, and WordPress etc can easily integrate with Linux server.
  3. Linux server can be managed easily and it is easy to use.
  4. Linux server is more secured than windows server.


Though you can run a website easily both in Linux as well as Windows operating system. If you choose Linux server that does not mean your desktop or laptop also needs to be a Linux system. You can easily manage a website hosted in Linux server via your windows desktop or laptop.

Shared Hosting

In this type of hosting multiple websites reside on the same server. This is the most economical option for web hosting. This is suitable for small websites.

Dedicated hosting

With this type of hosting you lease an entire server for yourself. You don’t need a dedicated hosting for small websites. But in case if you have large website with huge number of traffic and security and page load time is first and foremost important for you then you should think of dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting

It is known as virtual private server. This type of hosting is gaining popularity since it is less costly than dedicated hosting and it comes with better security and performance as compared to shared hosting.

Manage Web hosting

In this type of web hosting dedicated servers are provided but it is managed by the service provider. The server maintenance responsibility is with the service provider.

WordPress hosting

This is for hosting your WordPress website or blog. Since large number of websites are powered by WordPress CMS, this type of hosting has become quite popular and most of the hosting company provides this type of hosting. This type of hosting comes with additional features which is useful for accelerating the speed of your WordPress website.

Top web hosting company

In motion


A2 Hosting












WP Engine

Top 10 Domain Registrar

It is not recommended to register domain and purchase hosting from same company. If you choose a single company for both domain registration and hosting, you can lose both if there is an attack. Having domain and hosting in different company reduces the risk of hacking.

Top domain registrar

Google domain




Key parameters that one must consider while choosing a hosting provider?

  1. Security: Security is the first and foremost criteria while choosing a hosting provider for your business or personal websites. With number of hacking increasing day by day, it is very much recommended that you consider some of the key security points and makes sure that your web hosting company provides those security features. While talking about web hosting security, it has two parts. You have to consider the security measures that web hosting company has taken for their servers and 2nd part is what are the security that you are getting based on your hosting plan that you have selected. Some of the key security parameters are mentioned here.
  2. 2 Factor authentication: This is a must. Do not go for a hosting provider who does not provide a 2 factor authentication. Make sure it is available both at the account level as well as cPanel level. It has been found that account has been hacked in many cases. Having a 2 factor authentication makes sure that you are safe.
  3. SSL Certificate: Today most of the web hosting company provides Let’s Encrypt SSl as it comes free. Some also provides cPanel SSL and Comodo SSL certificate. In most cases Comodo SSL is not free and you have to pay a fee for it. But makes sure that SSL is included with your hosting.
  4. DDoS protection: DDoS attach has been increased largely in recent times. There has been significant amount of DDoS attack. In protecting against DDoS attack is not easy. Most company fails to prevent DDoS attack. Thus makes sure the reputation of the company on DDoS prevention. Do some research and see whether in the past the company has faced any DDoS attach and what the effect was. This is a must feature. Do not go with a hosting company who does not provide this feature.
  5. >Backup: Backup goes hand in hand with security. In case your website is hacked, you need to have alternate plan ready. Hosting companies provides daily as well as weekly backup. If you have a backup. you don’t need to worry. With the backup you can restore your website easily. Generally weekly backup is provided by most of the hosting company. But daily back up comes with a price with most of the hosting.
  6. SSH Access: With SSH you can secure remote access.
  7. Spam Filters: Though today most of the hosting providers gives you some standard security features like spam filters, malware scan etc. There are few hosting company that gives you security solutions such as BitNinja, SiteLock etc. Having BitNinja or SiteLock is good for you.
  8. Server Uptime: Server uptime scores matters a lot for any websites. If your website is down for some time, there is loss of revenue since you can lose potential customers. Not only that if your website is down, your search engine ranking might get impacted resulting loss of revenue. You need to make sure the server that you are choosing provides at least 99.5 percent uptime.
  9. Storage: SSD drives provide higher uptime and faster speed as compared to traditional hard drives. So always look for hosting provides that gives you SSD storage so that your website is faster. That is why SSDs are more expensive than HDD.
  10. Flexibility: You need to consider the options available to add sub domains or new domains in your existing hosting plan. Today you might start with one website but based on demand you might want to add additional websites. Thus if you have flexibility to add new domains in existing plan then that is great else you will have to purchase another plan which will ultimately mean extra dollars for you.
  11. Scalability: This parameter is very much important and tricky. You need to decide on this carefully. Today your website might be small getting few hundreds of traffic. But if you grow fast and your websites starts getting huge amount of traffic then you might  not want to be in shared hosting you need to switch to either dedicated or VPS hosting. Now the point is if you are switching to another plan within same hosting company what is the extra amount that you are paying and is it affordable fo you. Some companies might have very cheap starter shared hosting plan but their VPS hosting might be too costly and if you want to change your hosting company then website transfer is an extra headache for you.
  12. Bandwidth: Though each hosting provider provides descent bandwidth with their plans but based on your visitors you need to re-verify this parameter. If you have around 4000-5000 visitors per month then you need not to focus too much on this.
  13. Price: This part is very tricky. Don’t fall into the trap. In order to attract customer, most of the hosting companies have a very attractive initial cost. But when you renew they will give a huge amount invoice. Lot of people does not see the renewal cost initially and later they get surprised with no other option but transfer their website to another hosting. Thus calculate your hosting expenditure based on renewal price. There are some hosting provider who has initial and renewal price same. You also have another option that is to renew for longer time. For example, if you buy a hosting for 3 years at a time then you get initial price for first 3 years. Renewal price will be applicable after 3 years when you renew.

Some of the top websites that you can refer for the customer reviews of different hosting providers are Trustpilot and hostadvice.