Create animated videos in any niche. This software helps you to create easy animated video with drag and drop feature. Whether you want to improve your brand impression or captivate your audience, VidToon is the right choice for you. With this software you can make unlimited stunning videos for ever. The software works both in Windows as well as Mac. You would be able to import your own backgrounds, music and images. It does not restrict your video length. There are software available in the market which provides a video length restriction. But when you try to use it, you realize you cannot make videos as you want. There software also has inbuilt royalty free library. You can also use text to speech feature of Google and Microsoft.
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Product Description

With VidToon, you need not to spend lot of time creating videos and not focusing your main business. It takes very less time to create stunning videos. It has extensive royalty free images and music files which makes your life easier by utilizing ready to use images and music with a click. There are lot of animated character already built in so that you can create animated videos for any niche and any scenario. If you want to give your videos realistic sound, you can utilize Google and Microsoft Text to Speech option. You can use this software for both your online as well as offline business.


If you want to increase more engagement for your visitors, VidToon is the right choice for you. Now a days, animated videos works like magic and they really help in order to increase sales and conversion. You can easily create explainer videos in 2 minutes. Lot of people has already believed that animated video has helped them to increase their sales. If you are a online store owner, social media marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger, YouTube channel owners, coaches, consultants VidToon is the right choice for you. You would be able to install VidToon in multiple devices as well.

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Product Features

Insert Text and Customize You can change font type’s size and colors
Drag and resize Every element in your video gets adjusted when you drag a corner
Image and Music import Huge library of royalty free images and music
Flip image You would be able to flip a character or an image
Free Canvas No dependency on pixel. You can drag and drop each item as per your need
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