Home utilities

Top Home Utilities for Your New Home

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

    A vacuum is a must need for any home especially if you have more number of people at home. With more number of people using your home it is more likely that it will get dirtier frequently. If you have kid then also it is much necessary to have a vacuum cleaner as you want to keep your home dirt free always for the safety of your kid. If you are a pet lover then you must consider having a vacuum cleaner since your home will get dirtier more often.

  2. Microwave

    Another very important appliance for your new home is a microwave. Now a days people are so busy with their work and personal life that they don’t get enough time for food. But a microwave can be a good friend of you in this kind of situation. There are large number of microwaves available in the market. Here is some of the recommended microwave.

  3. Coffee Maker

    Coffee maker is probably needed by everybody. A cup of coffee in the morning works as a boost to start your day. But there are different types of coffee makers and each one gives different tastes so you have to choose which works best for you.
    Drip coffee maker is the most popular one. It is easy to use and is available in many styles. Thermal carafe is another type of coffee maker and this can keep your coffee hot for couple of hours. Capsule machine is another type of coffee maker with just touch of a button. Somebody might also prefer Espresso machine.

  4. Toaster

    Toaster finds a place in every kitchen. Toaster is always your friend when it is about making good breakfast. Pop up toaster is one of the most popular ones and everybody recognizes it. Generally it comes in two slot or 4 slot varieties. These are easy to use. Toaster Ovens is another type of toaster but it is not only used for toasting. It can do a variety of things such as bake, defrost, warm and broil. It comes with different styles and sizes. Convection Oven is another type of toaster. It comes with a fan for circulating the hot air so that it takes less time to cook food.

  5. Lockbox

    Lockbox is a much needed item for every home. Sometimes you need to keep certain items safe such as you jewelry, cash.Ensure that the lockbox is strong and secure. Now a day’s most of the lockbox comes with a digital locking with a digital keypad. You can lock and unlock using a chosen security combination. You need to choose the size of the lockbox as per your need.

  6. Home security camera

    Home security camera is one of the most important things to purchase for your home so that you can always monitor your home and keep your home safe from unwanted threats. Some of key things that you should consider while purchasing home security camera includes resolution of the camera, field of view, Pan or Tilt feature, night vision, zoom capability.

  7. Smart doorbell

    With a smart doorbell you can easily see who has delivery a package at the door when you are not at home. With a video doorbell you can even see and speak to the person who is outside your door.

  8. Fire extinguisher

    For any emergency you should always keep a fire extinguisher at home especially if you have a big house. Before purchasing fire extinguisher you should be aware of the kinds of fire as different types of fire extinguisher are available for different kinds of fire. While choosing fire extinguisher UL rating is most important. It is the underwriter lab which gives this rating indicating the effectiveness of the fire extinguisher. Size of the fire extinguisher is important. It comes in different sizes but you should choose one that is easy to handle and at the same time effective.

  9. Instant Pot

    Instant Pot is a much needed item for your kitchen. Because of its multi cooking functionality instant pot has become very popular. If you are a beginner for cooking then it is a great for you as you need not to bother about the amount of heat or pressure you need for your cooking.

  10. Electric Kettle

    An electric kettle is a very useful kitchen appliance to have in your kitchen. It is very easy to use and energy efficient. If you love tea or coffee then it would be very helpful for you. While purchasing electric kettle you must consider that it is made up of steel so that it lasts long. The kettle must be easy to handle and it gets heated fast. The capacity of the kettle also needs to be considered based on your need.

  11. Blender

    Blender is an essential home appliance. With this you can do mixing, crushing and chopping. While purchasing a blender checking jar capacity is a must. Jar capacity should be based on your need. There are counter top blender and hand blender available in the market.

  12. Thermostat

    You need to choose the thermostat carefully so that it can maintain the room temperature effectively and at the same time save your energy bills. The thermostat needs to be compatible with your HAVOC system. A smart thermostat can be linked with your Smartphone so that when you are at home thermostat setting can be adjusted automatically. You can also get alerts when room temperature changes.