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Best Home Security Camera – Reviews and Buying Guides

Top 5 Home Security Camera

Purchasing a security is a worthwhile investment considering the increasing rate of crime day by day. But one need to choose a security camera carefully so that it solves the purpose and the investment is not wasted. With the advancement of new technologies, there is lot of different varieties of securities cameras in the market. Both indoor and outdoor cameras are available in the market. This guide helps you to narrow down your choice by recommending top 5 home security cameras.

ImageProductQualityMore Info
Arlo Ultra UHDSharp quality picture with color night visionCheck Price
Ring Floodlight Camera (with Echo Show 5)Best PickCheck Price
Wyze Cam PanReal time view with Zoom, tilt and PanCheck Price
Blink Outdoor - 5 Camera Kit ( with Echo Show 5)Indoor and Outdoor with motion detectionCheck Price
Wyze Cam v2Best budget cameraCheck Price
  1. Arlo Ultra UHD 2 Camera

    It captures 1080p resolution high quality video. It has a great battery life (6 months). It has a zoom in feature so that it can capture sharp quality picture. It also comes with a color night vision so that you can see license plates and faces much more clear even at night. With two way audio it gives you the provision to interact with visitors. With 160 degree field of view you can see larger picture. It is equipped with a powerful AI object detection. You also have the provision to charge the battery with sunlight through a solar panel charger.

  2. Ring Floodlight Camera (with Echo Show 5)

    How about monitoring your property live with 1080 HD video? Yes, Floodlight camera from Ring helps you to do that. It also has two way talk feature so that you can talk to the people outside. It also gives you the provision to activate siren from your phone. You also get alerts in your mobile phone. It automatically detects motion and focuses those specific areas. You can control it with Alexa. It comes with a 140 degree field of view (horizontal) and 78 degree (vertical)

  3. Wyze Cam Pan

    It gives you live streaming with 1080p full HD resolution so that you can see the real time view of your home while you are away. With zoom, tilt (93 degree vertical up and down) and Pan (360 degree rotation left and right) feature you can see every angle of your room. It is mostly used as indoor camera. It also has a two way audio feature. It has a sensor so that it can start recording as soon as there is a motion or sound and it can be saved in cloud. You also have the provision to use microSD (to be purchased separately) card to store the recording. It has a night vision (6 infrared LED) and it can see up to 30′ in darkness. It works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

  4. Blink Outdoor – 5 Camera Kit ( with Echo Show 5)

    It gives amazing 2 years battery life. With two way talk feature you can speak and hear back no matter where you are. It can be used both indoor as well as outdoor. It gives a video resolution of 1080p. It gives you alerts based on motion detection. This device works with Alexa.

  5. Wyze Cam v2

    You can get a live view of your home with 1080p resolution. With night vision it supports capturing clear videos in the night as well unto 30 feet. It has field of view of 150 degree (horizontal) and 85 degree (vertical). It supports two way talks as well. It works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. There is a provision to record in separate microSD card( purchased separately). With motion detection, it automatically starts recording in cloud storage.


Quality Parameters

Field of view: Field of view measures the area the camera can cover. If field of view is higher that means it covers a wide area. 150 degree is a great field of view.

Resolution: Resolution is one of the key quality parameters while choosing a security camera for home. Higher the resolution better will be the quality of the images it captures. Generally Full HD resolution (1080p) is good enough. But if you want enhanced images then some cameras also comes with ultra HD (4K) as well.

Night Vision: Night vision should have a good range. Generally vision range in day and night are different. Thus a camera that gives at least 50 feet night vision is good.

Two Way Talk: It is basically an intercom feature where you can speak and listen. Some cameras have built in microphone so that you can see as well as hear or talk to somebody who is in your property.

Storage: There could be different storage option. It depends on person to person which one is best for them. Generally you have the option to store the footage in cloud or have a microSD inside camera or you have the option to plug-in an external hard drive.

Smartphone support: In today’s world, you want to control everything via your smart phone so why not home security camera. Most cameras provide support for smart phone such as alerts, auto on off etc. Some cameras come with advanced smart phone feature as well.

Security: This is one of key parameters to look for. Most cameras support WIFI, thus it can be hacked easily. So you need to look for what security features the camera has. Generally a two factor authentication is quite good.

Interfacing: Now a day’s most people have smart home system at their home. So look for cameras that support smart home systems and you can control over voice command like Alexa or Google Home.

Wireless Camera: There are two types of camera in the marked wireless and wired. Wireless camera runs on battery and comes with great convenience. You can install it wherever you want. But for wired camera handling the cord is difficult and it will be visible to everyone.

Motion Detection: Some camera starts recording when there is motion and does not record everything like normal CCTV camera. This saves you storage space as well as if you want to browse through the recording it is easy.