High Paying Jobs

Online education’s flexibility is ideal for those seeking a career change. For prospective online students, it’s important to consider what employers think about job applicants who didn’t earn a degree in a classroom setting.

Most employers today accept online degrees. Accreditation is particularly important.

Here are some of the highest paying jobs available in the market for the online degree holders


Information Technology: IT is another specialization while considering online degrees. With growth of data and computer usage, this segment opens up lot of opportunities for the students seeking online degrees. This is one of the highest paying jobs for online degree holders and at the same time the growth of this sector is also expected to be very high. The growth rate is approximately 15% by 2025

The average salary in this field is approximately $170,000

Everest University, Colorado Technical University, Oregon State University is famous for online degree in IT


Engineering Management: This is one of the highest paying jobs available, albeit the field is relatively small as compared to others and growth rate is also very less (1.8%)

The average salary in this field is approximately $160,000

Some of the popular institution which provides engineering management degree is Arizona State University, Grantham University, John Hopkins University and Penn state


Petroleum Engineering: Petroleum engineers are the ones who are responsible for finding ways to extract oil and gas. But one has to consider that petroleum engineers would be required to travel a lot and have to be onsite. This field is predicted to grow at 10% within 2025.

Average salary in this job is approximately $140,000

University of North Dakota, University of Southern California, Texas A&M University is some of the popular institute for petroleum engineering degree