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Top 5 Fitness Tracker

In recent times there has been a huge focus around fitness as been by different age group people. Everyone is concerned about how to keep fit and more importantly people wants to monitor progress towards the effort they make in order to stay fit. In this busy world, it is sometimes difficult to keep track on daily health routine. Thus wearing some smart device which can monitor every minute health status is a great idea. Thus people are using fitness tracker device in order to keep track of fitness. A fitness device can monitor physical activity, health status, goal tracking and so on. There are plenty of fitness device available. Choosing one of them is a challenge. There are different types of fitness tracker available in the market. All day trackers are the devices that are more useful for people who want to monitor all the activity they perform throughout the day. Then there are devices that are specially designed for athletes for monitoring their health and there is smart watch which can be used by anyone for monitoring health. Most of these devices will send you notifications to your Smartphone about incoming calls, email, social media updates etc.

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  1. Fitbit Charge 4

    It comes with a built-in GPS. It gives a workout intensity map. With its advanced heart rate sensors it gives you real time accurate heart rate. It has a battery life of up to 7 days. It is a swim proof device. It is able to track heart rate, swim and sleep.

  2. Fitbit Inspire 2

    The device is able to track your all day activity including how many steps you have taken, how much distance you have covered, how much calories you have burned throughout the day etc. It measures your heart rate 24/7. It has a 10 days battery life. It has 50m water resistance level. It is able to track your all day activity, sleep and heart rate. It gives you notification about your health status. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS.

  3. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

    It comes with a AMOLED color display. It is used to monitor your fitness, heart rate, sleep. It is a 5 ATM waterproof device.

  4. Apple Watch Series 6

    This device support fitness tracking, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring. It gives you deep level health information such as blood oxygen level, provision to take an ECG. It measures daily activity and all kinds of work out.

  5. Garmin Forerunner 245

    This device comes with a GPS. You can sync this device with music streaming services such as spotify. It has a battery life of up to 7 days.

Some of the generic features that every fitness tracker has are heart rate monitor. It is used to monitor your heart rate, pulse tracking, breathing patters etc.

Sleep tracker is another important feature that comes with all the devices. Sleep is an important factor for good health. If you are not sleeping well you are not well. Fitness tracker quality of sleep you are having.

Apart from heart rate and sleep tracker, these devices also monitor exercises such as treadmill walk, swimming, hiking, cycling etc.

You need to look out for these things while purchasing a fitness tracker.

Water proof: This is a very important factor to choose a fitness tracker. Make sure that the device is splash proof and not just waterproof so that it does not get damaged in the water while you are swimming.

Sensors: If the fitness device has more number of sensors then it will be able to provide more detailed and accurate data about your health. So this parameter is very crucial while choosing a fitness tracker. Generally there are different types of sensors such as accelerometer which measures your movement in different directions, magnetometer determine the direction your are moving, barometer determine your latitude and gyroscope which is used to understand your position like whether you are standing or cycling or walking or swimming etc.

Battery: Battery is very crucial for since you will be using the device all the time and mostly outside. If you need to recharge the device frequently it is a headache for you. If the device gives more number of features more likely it is going to consume the battery very fast. On top of that if the device is running GPS, battery is going to run out much faster.

GPS: Some fitness tracker comes with GPS tracking. Though it is not very much required but it gives some added advantage. So if you are a runner or you do cycling then you should look for device with inbuilt GPS.