How quickly you can get an online degree?

Sometimes you want to avail an online degree as a working adult and you can’t afford to spend lot of time towards it. Thus you need to decide some of the online programs that you can get within a short period of time. But you also need to choose the online programs carefully. There are lot of short online programs available that promise to deliver the online degree in a much shorter period of time. But if those programs does not have any credibility in the job market, your entire effort and money will be wasted. Thus you have to be extra careful about the fastest online programs available and their reputation and credibility.

Traditionally a bachelor degree takes 4 years to complete. But you can get it quickly with an online degree. There are some colleges which provide accelerated programs that will enable you to finish a bachelor degree in a very less time. Albeit, it depends on the subjects that you choose to study. You cannot do it fast for all the subjects. There is some accelerated program that which not only provides the degree fast but at the same time reduce your online degree cost by large extent. There are some online programs which accept transfer credits option. Some online colleges offer credits if someone has some previous work history or any other experiences. This way you can reduce your time to complete an online degree.

Quick online associate degree

Here are some of the online colleges that offer online associate degree in a much shorter period of time and yet well recognized

  1. Kaplan University – Kaplan University provides online associate degree in fire science in 12 months and the cost of the programs is approximately $30000.
  2. Florida State College, Jacksonville – If you want to study general education in a short period of time then Florida state college provides the associate degree in just 18 months.


Quick online bachelor degree

  1. Rasmussen College – If you are willing to get an online bachelor degree in a short period, you can choose Rasmussen College. It provides multiple online bachelor programs. You can get your bachelor degree in just 18 months.


  1. Northeastern University – This is another online college that offers online bachelor degree in multiple subjects. You can complete a bachelor degree in just 18 months.


Quick online master degree


  1. Southern New Hampshire University – If you want to be a master of science and psychology in a short period of time then you can choose this college. It offers master degree in 15 months. Cost of the master degree is approximately $35000
  2. University of North Texas – Looking for a fastest online MBA degree? University of North Texas is the right choice. It is well recognized and it offers MBA degree in just 16 months. You need to spend around $35000 to get an online MBA degree from this university