Why Executive Education is a must need for working professionals?

In ever-changing digital world where technology keep on changing frequently, one need to upgrade their skill set in order to remain competitive in the industry. The technology that you have learned 5 or 10 years ago is obsolete now. So if you do not change, industry will change you. This is no hidden secret. Everybody knows about it and look for ways to enhance their skills so that they can cope up with the ever-changing digital world. For working professional executive education becomes the number one choice. Does Executive Education matter? This is a big question for the large number of working professionals. Even if the answer to the question is “Yes” then also there are lot of ambiguity regarding what type of education will be more impactful in order to move up to the career ladder.
Here is deep dive into the topic covering importance of executive education, types of programs available, what type of programs will be more beneficial and ultimately the fees and the benefits that one can get from this type of program.

Executive Education is very important and much needed for working professional since they generally find it difficult to quit their job and get the traditional on campus education.

There are different types of executive education available across different institutions. These are certificate programs, Post Graduate diploma, online programs, live programs, on campus programs. All of these programs are categories into two major categories long duration and short duration. These programs are available for all including entry level, middle management, senior management and even for ‘C’ executives.

PG Diploma – This is the best program for working professional but it is the most expensive among all. It gives very detailed knowledge about the subject and most of the employer will take this type of program seriously. This program is a blended program in most of the institutes where you spend 10% time in the institute and remaining are online. Here you will get to interact will large number of reputed faculty members, good case studies, facility to work in live project. It is almost similar to on campus education. These type of program fees ranges from USD 40000 to USD 70000 in top institutes. This type of program is applicable for those who did not graduated from a very good college and now wants to add a reputed name in the resume and also wants to accustom with the type of education provided in the top institutes. These type of program provides alumni status.

Certificate Programs – These are good program created to give an in depth understanding of the subject. These types of programs generally long duration program mainly from 6 months to 1 year and generally costs more. Getting a certificate program from top business schools in the world wound range somewhere between USD 20000 to USD 40000. These are generally blended program where you spend around 10-20 days in the campus and rest are online. Since this program is a long duration program, program gives importance to this type of certification. But you will not get any campus placements for these type of certifications. Some program also provide alumni status which is an added advantage and you should consider while deciding for executive education. This is most suitable for those who wants to get an in-depth understanding of any topic in order to switch their career to a different role. For ex. if you want to switch your career as a data scientist, you can take a certification course in Data science.

Online Programs – Online programs are generally short duration courses and does not really add a very good value if you want to switch your career or change your current job. But if you want to upgrade your skill for your current role, then you can opt for this option. There are two types of online programs: one pure online program where you will access the study material of the institute online and complete it as per the specified timeframe and the other is a live program where some instructor will teach you online. You will also get a certificate on completion of the final exam in both the cases. In online programs generally there will be only one or two instructor. So you can see the quality of education that you will get here is comparatively less as compared to a diploma or certificate program. The fees for these type of courses are little less ranging from USD 1000 to USD 7000. Live program are generally costlier than online programs. No alumni status.

On campus short duration program – Though these are on campus program but still working professional can attend this because these are short duration program. There will be approximately two to three instruction who will teach you about any specific subject such as AI, digital marketing, Data Science etc. These type of program also offers certificates but does not give alumni status. Fees are generally in the range of USD 5000 to USD10000 and duration is 2 days to 1 week.

Thus, you have to decide what you want to achieve and accordingly you have to choose the type of education that you should be enrolled for.

What employers think about Online Degree holders?

If you are uncertain about online degree, you need to read through this article. Online degree was not that popular in past days but it is very much popular now and widely accepted. In recent times large number of reputed institutions has started providing degrees online which has helped to gain huge popularity

  1. Generally when you are applying for an online degree, the question that comes to your mind is “Will the Employers take my degree seriously? Popularity of online degrees has been increasing significantly as compared to past. As more and more students are opting for online degree, employers are more aware about it and online degree gets more acceptances.
  1. You might also think that whether you will get proper attention or guidance from the professor of the online college you choose. But through online you will get even more ways to contact the professor of the online college.
  2. Employers will take the online degree seriously if the degree is taken from a recognized online college. If an online college is accredited by a regional or national association then the online degree from that college is considered valid and accepted widely. You can also see the past placement records of the online college before opting for it. Accreditation means the education provided by the online college meets the standard quality and high chance of acceptability by the employers.
  3. The world has changed now. Things that matters most now a days are soft skills and your personality. Technologies are changing rapidly. The technology you learn today is outdated tomorrow. Thus mode of education is not that much important making online degree equivalent to traditional degree. Hiring methodology of the organizations also has changed. Now you are evaluated against your communication skills, motivation, time management, inter personal skills and so on.