What is the true cost of an online degree?

The popularity of and wide acceptance of online degree is encouraging many students to opt for online degree. The average cost for a traditional degree in the US is approximately $90000 but the same degree costs around $30000 if you get it online. This also makes the online degrees most affordable. This affordability, easier access and flexible timing has helped many students achieve their career goal through an online degree.

What is the true cost of an online degree?

While considering an online degree one must consider both direct as well as indirect expenses since indirect expenses can also add good amount of dollar value to the overall online degree cost.

  1. Tuition fee is one of the big components of online degree programs. Generally tuition fee is calculated on credit basis. Generally tuition fee is mentioned on per credit basis. Consider your tuition fee is $400 and if you want to avail a master degree having 80 credits then total tuition fee cost for your master degree would be equal to tuition fee multiplied by total credits i.e. $32,000.
  2. Apart from tuition fees, there are other fees as well such as application fee, credit transfer fee, enrollment fee, late payment fee etc. One should consider these types of fees as well while considering overall cost of an online degree.
  3. One should also consider the cost of books and other study materials as well. In some colleges you can pay certain fee to get access of the study materials online.

How you can reduce the cost of an online degree so that it does not cut your pocket that much?

There are different options that you can explore to understand how you can reduce the cost of your online degree.

  1. Credit transfer is one option you can choose to reduce the cost of your degree. If you have availed some education at a different college, you can transfer equivalent amount of credit to your online degree. For example, before applying for an online bachelor degree you might consider attending some college education which is relatively cheaper and then while you are applying for online degree you can use your previous education for credit transfer
  1. Generally public universities are little cheaper than private universities. So you can look for some good public universities for your online degree.
  1. Look for scholarships available for online students


Here are some of the most affordable online colleges that you can consider for your online degree

  • Aspen University
  • Fort Hays State University           
  • University of Florida      
  • Campbellsville University                            
  • Tennessee State University
  • Jacksonville State University      
  • University of Central Arkansas                  
  • Western Carolina University      
  • Minot State University