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Best External Webcam – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best external webcam for meetings, personal use and video recordings.

  1. Logitech BRIO Ultra HD Webcam

    This webcam from Logitech brand is really great. It provides ultimate HD calling with 4K.  It comes with a resolution of 4K/1080p/720p and 60/30 fps. It has auto focus and noise cancellation as well.  You can do recording, streaming and calling at ultra HD. It video quality is awesome

  2. Logitech StreamCam

    This is another good one from Logitech brand. This live streaming webcam with full HD resolution provides awesome quality recordings. It has an amazing 60 fps frame rate. It also provides vertical video recording. You will also get smart auto focus feature with this one and facial tracking. You will experience super smooth streaming. Apart from these, you will also get glass lens, 78 degree field of view and Stereo / Dual Mono microphone. The best part is best video quality and vertical recording

  3. Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam

    This streaming webcam from Razer is one of the best in reasonable price range. With 1080p/720p it provides 60fps/30fps frame rate. Built in microphone and advanced auto focus feature makes it a good choice. It has premium glass lens. It gives 81.6 degree field of view which is a wide angle to cover lot of area. It is one of the best quality webcam with reasonable price.

  4. Microsoft LifeCam Studio

    Thus Microsoft webcam comes with 1080p resolution and frame rate is 30 fps. It has both business and retail version. It also offers 75 degree field of view. It has High-precision glass lens. You can capture smooth video with it’s auto focus feature. Some of the other feature includes High-Fidelity Microphone, automatic face tracking, noise cancellation etc which makes it a great choice. This is a good HD webcam for bright and colorful video. 

  5. AUKEY Webcam 1080p Full HD

    This live streaming webcam from Aukey is one of the ultimate choice. It is 1080p full HD and 30 fps. It provides automatic color correction. It provides 65 degree field of view and has glass lens. It is very easy to use and provides 360 degree rotation. It has dual stereo microphone and auto focus. Clear and smooth video quality with good price

Generally your laptop comes with a built in webcam but that is not enough in some scenarios. The built in webcam has lot of limitations and thus may not a good fit for you. Now a day’s video conferencing has become a daily phenomenon for most of us. From official meetings to personal calling, video recording everybody is using webcam today. Installation of these external webcams is very easy.

If you want to have a better quality while doing online meeting or conversation, you need to purchase an external webcam which will be way better than your inbuilt laptop webcam.

But wait! Do not just buy a webcam without considering these points. There are plenty of webcams available in the market and you need to choose one carefully that address your need perfectly. Here we will talk about some of the key things that you need to consider while purchasing a webcam and then will check each webcam against these quality parameters.

Some of the major quality parameters that you need to consider for purchasing a webcam

Resolution and Frame Rate

  1. One of the most important quality parameter of a webcam is the video quality and in technical terms it is measured in frame rate and resolution. Let me tell you that there are 3 type of standard resolutions. These are –
  2. Ultra high definition HD which is also known as 4K and it has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.
  3. Full high definition which has a resolution of 1920×1080 and
  4. HD ready which has a resolution of 1280×720

Now from these it is pretty clear that, what type of resolution you need for your webcam and you can also understand that price of webcam will also vary accordingly.

Another very important parameter is Frame rate which is measured in frames per second. FPS is how many still frames are there in a video. If you get a high frame rate webcam, you will get better video quality but again you have to consider that it will increase file size. Generally 30 frames per second is quite good but more the better.


Field of View – This quality parameter is quite important because it ensures the amount of area that you can capture in webcam. So generally it depends on your requirement on how many people would be there while you are doing an online call via webcam. 65 degree is good for one person. More the better.

Lens – You will find both glass and plastics lenses. Glass lenses are much better than plastic lenses.

Auto focus – This is one of the quality parameter but you will get this in every webcam so no much to talk about this one.

Microphone – It is also another built in feature but need to make sure it has good quality.